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Happy Birthday Mom – The big 60!

My mom turned 60 today, can’t believe it! I jotted down 9 lessons learned from her over the years (though there’s many many more!).

1. Reading is fun – I remember she would take us to the library all the time when we were kids and would help pick out books that I would enjoy. She would read me books at bedtime and make the stories come to life. I definitely got my love for reading from my mom.

2.. Always look for the positive – Mom just has a cheerful disposition. Anyone will agree she doesn’t let things bother her and can see the positive in anything.

3. How to be laid back – This kinda goes along with number two, but she knows how to go with the flow. Whenever someone says I’m laid back (which is quite often) I know I got that from my mom.

4. How to drive – Ooops, I forgot to delete that one, I learned that from dad :)

5. To love the mornings – How could you not with her waking you up to “Rise and shine and give God the glory glory” for 10 years of your life?! I know that has something to do with me being a morning person.

6. Friendships are worth the work – When we moved from Flagstaff to Tempe I was devastated I left my best friend. My mom would drive my almost once a month to meet halfway (about an hour and a half drive) to meet up with my friend. Now that’s commitment. She would also throw parties and plan fun outings for me to enjoy with my friends. Good friends are hard to come by and when you find them, they are worth working for.

7. How to be addicted to dark chocolate and hot tamales.

8. How to bargain shop – I love to shop, and I love even more to shop and find really good deals. Both I learned from my mom.

9. Jesus is the most important relationship in my life – Her relationship with Him and her commitment to church has impacted me in many many ways.

Well what’s a blog post without some pictures? We went to Top of the Rock tonight for a fancy dinner to celebrate my mom and her 60 years of life. Happy Birthday mom!


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