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Mark & Mary Anna: Married!! – [East Valley Wedding Photographer]

This was such a beautiful and special wedding to be a part of. Mary Anna and Mark (who is in the Army) were actually married July of 2013 with a courthouse ceremony in Alabama – where they were currently stationed. Shortly after their ceremony Mark was deployed to Afghanistan for about 9 months and Mary Anna soon found out she was pregnant!  A week after their son was born Mark arrived back home. With both their families here they decided to have their “real” wedding here, and their son Ian (who is one handsome little dude) got to be a part of it. So happy for these to and glad I got to capture their special day!!

So they were married in the same church as the bride’s parents were married in. So the bride sent over some photos from her parents wedding that she wanted to replicate for her wedding, here’s a couple of the shots we did, pretty cool!
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