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My New Photo Display :)

I’ve been wanting a new photo display in my house for awhile now and I finally got the burst of motivation I needed to find a fun idea and then actually create it! I started off thinking I would do a bunch of picture frames from IKEA, but it wasn’t turning out how I had imagined in my head and it also was going to be more than I had for my budget. So I headed to Pinterest and LOVED all of the photo clipboard displays. I how easy they are to switch out, how casual it looks, and that I could make it any size I wanted. I found this lovely blog that walks you through how to make the clipboards. So, this is what my wall looked like before….

And this is what it looked like after! The large pictures are 16×16 and the smaller ones are about 8×8. I have to say I’m really happy with how this came out. Best of all I just scheduled my family pictures for this year and it will be just that much easier to switch out a few of the images :)


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